Workshop on energy transition with OLEC (Germany)

georganiseerd door Energy Academy Europe, OLEC
Workshop on energy transition with OLEC (Germany)
  • Marie-Curiestrasse 1
  • TGO, Oldenburg

The Northern Netherlands and Lower Saxony (Niedersachsen) are both dynamic energy regions and frontrunners in many energy transition developments.

This raises the question: What we can learn from each other? And also: how can businesses and researchers from both sides of the border capitalize on these developments and work together on smart energy solutions and topical research questions?

The Oldenburger Energiecluster (OLEC) and the Energy Academy Europe (EAE) are jointly organising a workshop to address these questions around a specific theme:

Sustainable energy transitions in urban areas.

Workshop details:
 2 June, from 12.30 till 17.30 at TGO in Oldenburg.

Presentations on flagship energy initiatives on both sides of the border will serve as an introduction. These presentations include:
•“Enera – ein Energiewendedemonstrator mit vielen Facetten Gesellschaftliche Akzeptanz – Der zentrale Faktor der Energiewende.” By Dr. Gabriele Krautheim, Economic Development, Landkreis Aurich
•“How can a living lab with 10.000 households accelerate the energy transition? Energysense. A testing ground for energy innovations.” By Dr. Anne Beaulieu, Programme Manager Energysense
•“Energetische Nachbarschaften – Energetische Kopplung in Industriegebieten.” By Jürgen Meister, Head of Energy, OFFIS
•“Groningen energy neutral in 2035.” By Wouter van Bolhuis, Coordinator Energy of the City of Groningen

After that, there will be discussions on potential collaboration. Topics could include:
•Smart energy management solutions for residential areas;
•Integration of sustainability and energy efficiency in building construction; and
•Public acceptability of new smart energy services.

The workshop provides an excellent setting for companies and researchers on both sides of the border to start collaboration and we hope the workshop will generate interest for concrete joint cross-border projects.

If you wish to participate in the workshop on 2 June, please register via this link:
 – registration open now