Towards a Hydrogen Energy Economy

georganiseerd door SNN, NEC
Towards a Hydrogen Energy Economy
  • Regentschapsstraat 39
    1000 Brussels
  • SG Benelux, Brussels

How can sustainable hydrogen be a solution to energy and climate problems? How can we translate the potential of hydrogen to a daily practice? And what initiatives are taken in the Northern Netherlands to form a hydrogen energy ecosystem?

Towards a Hydrogen Energy Economy
To find answers to these questions, New Energy Coalition and Strong Northern Netherlands organise the seminar ‘Towards a Hydrogen Energy Economy’. The seminar is a side event during the EU Sustainable Energy Week.

Through expert panelists and several sessions we will explore the topic of the hydrogen economy, its applications, business case, government involvement, and best practices.

Date: Wednesday 19 June 2019
Location:SG Benelux, Regentschapsstraat 39, 1000 Brussels
Time: 14.00 – 18.00 h

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