European Gas Technology Conference 2019 in Groningen

georganiseerd door EnTranCe, Marcogaz, GERG, New Energy Coalition
European Gas Technology Conference 2019 in Groningen
  • Energy Barn / EnTranCe


We herewith kindly invite you to join the European Gas Technology Conference 2019 in the city of Groningen, The Netherlands.

This 4th edition of EGATEC will be held from 6 to 8 November 2019. The conference location is the Zernike Campus in Groningen where EnTranCe, Centre of Expertise Energy is situated. EnTrance is a testing ground for applied research in the field of energy transition. At EnTranCe companies, experts and students are working together on the energy system of the future. EnTranCe was developed as a public private partnership by Hanze University of Applied Sciences in conjunction with various business partners.

EGATEC 2019 intends to present and discuss technology-focused options covering the role of gas in the future European energy mix. This topic is high-profile in The Netherlands, where Slochteren gas will be phased out within 10 years. The venue is on top of the Slochteren Gasfield and close to innovative developments in the Dutch Gas Sector.

Subjects for the conference include:

  • Natural gas in Groningen and The Netherlands
  • The utilization of natural and renewable gases / hybrid solutions
  • The role of gas in mobility
  • The impact of injecting renewable gases in the natural gas system
  • Decarbonizing natural gas  

 Also a tour in the region along a number of interesting, innovative projects is foreseen. 

EGATEC is identified as the leading conference on gas technology in Europe and is jointly organized by Marcogaz (Technical Association of the European Natural Gas Industry) and GERG (The European Gas Research Group). The conference will be hosted by EnTranCe in close collaboration with GasTerra, Gasunie and New Energy Coalition. Over 200 high level representatives among others from the European gas industry and delegates from science and research organizations and energy related companies are expected to participate this leading gas event. Also policymakers will be welcomed to join the conference. A website with program and registration information you can find here.