Presentatie ‘Groene Scholen: Hoe scholen en gebouwen gaandeweg veranderen'

Presentatie ‘Groene Scholen: Hoe scholen en gebouwen gaandeweg veranderen'
  • 15:00  - 00:00
  • Gerard Doustraat 13
  • CSG Dingstede, Meppel

Hoe kunnen schoolgebouwen technisch en functioneel worden geupdate om aan de huidige gebruiks- en energieprestatievereisten te voldoen?

Voertaal: Nederlands & Engels.

During the nineteen-seventies, what was referred to as the “Building-stream method” was implemented in the Netherlands, with a view to amending a considerable backlog in the construction of school buildings. The basic design for one of these “Building-streams” was provided by Cees Groen architects' office from Emmen. More than twenty buildings in the Netherlands were the result of this particular “Stream”. A lot has changed since these buildings were finished. Today, school buildings must fulfil very different requirements and education in general is developing at a rapid pace. It would be justified to ask whether the school facilities that have been constructed as a part of this particular “Stream“, can be rendered technically and functionally “up to date”.

At present, that question is being discussed at one of these schools in particular: the CSG Dingstede college in the town of Meppel, the Netherlands. A number of students and educators from the NHL University of Applied Sciences, department of Built Environment, have taken this same question as the vantage point for a study project. The objective of the study was to gain insight in the adaptability of the CSG Dingstede facilities, as well as other, similar school buildings. The key consideration behind the project is that alternative use of existing structures often will prove to be considerably more sustainable than tearing down a building and replacing it with a new one. During the final session of the “GROEN“ schools project, we would like to present our conclusions and invite you for a discussion about the possible implementation of the results.


    15.00    Doors open
    15.30    Welcome and introduction
                by Soon Hee Santema-Terwee (NHL University of Applied Sciences)
    15.45    The origins of the GROEN school buildings
                 by Coert Groen (architektenburo bna cees groen bv emmen)
    16.00    Introduction of the study by Koos Neuvel
                by Koos Neuvel (CSG Dingstede)
    16.15    Presentation of the results of the GROEN schools study
                by Siebren Baars (NHL University of Applied Sciences)
    16.45    Panel discussion
                led by Siebren Baars (NHL University of Applied Sciences)
    17.15    Ending of the meeting; light refreshments
No entrance fees will apply, but kindly register if you would like to participate

Interreg - NEND
The project ‘GROEN scholen’ and this final session were made possible with the help of Interreg– NEND (Nachhaltige Energien Niederlande-Deutschland) NEND is a collaboration initiative between German and Dutch authorities to provide support for municipalities, knowledge institutions, authorities and companies with a view to strengthen the position of the “Eems-Dollard“ region, particularly in the area of sustainable energy.