German-Dutch workshop decentralised energy markets

georganiseerd door DNVGL
German-Dutch workshop decentralised energy markets
  • 12:00  - 16:30
  • Zernikelaan 17
  • EnTranCe, Groningen

As part of the Interreg project “Shaping the Future of Smart Regions North” the Northern Netherlands and Lower Saxony (Niedersachsen) are cooperating in tackling major challenges such as climate change, energy policy, mobility, health, demographic changes, business and education.

A hot topic that both regions are working on, is the decentralisation of the energy supply system, people empowerment and bottom-up energy planning.

An interesting question is how these regions can strengthen each other? How can businesses and researchers from both sides of the border capitalize on current and planned developments and create synergy in smart energy solutions and research topics?

Workshop details: February 22nd

·  12.30  - 13.00: reception with snacks and drinks.

·  13.00  - 14.00: keynote presentations + questions.

·  14.00  - 14.45: coffee break with visit to the Energy Transition Centre open-innovation facilities.

·  14.45  - 17.00: networking session: discussions on possible cooperation.


If you wish to participate in the workshop on February 22nd, please register by sending an email with your contact details to Mr. Ali of the municipality of Groningen ( Please register as soon as possible as the maximum number of participants is limited. For more information, please visit the website.

This workshop is part of the Shaping the Future of Smart Regions North project, and is sponsored by the following partners: