Newlight signs 15-Year production license agreement with Paques

08 jul 2016

Newlight Technologies ( and Paques Holdings bv ( announced today that they have entered into a 15-year technology license agreement that will allow Paques to manufacture, process and sell bioplastics based on Newlight’s proprietary greenhouse gas to AirCarbon™ conversion technology, at a rate of up to 1.3 million metric tons per year. Under the agreement, Paques and Newlight will work together both commercially and technically to accelerate the expansion of AirCarbon production capacity globally.

In recent years Newlight has developed a breakthrough technology for the conversion of methane-based greenhouse gases into biobased AirCarbon thermoplastics using an ultra-high yield biocatalyst, which combines greenhouse gas with air to produce a bioplastic material that can be used to make a range of products, from furniture to building materials.
Paques is a world-leading company in the environmental biotechnology sector which over decades has been at the forefront of introducing and upscaling innovative bioreactor systems. Paques is a global leader in the field of high rate anaerobic wastewater treatment and gas treatment. The BIOPAQ® technology offers a broad range of anaerobic systems whereby microbes convert organic pollutants in wastewaters to biogas. In addition, Paques’ THIOPAQ® technology is well known for highly efficient and cost-effective purification of biogas streams, such as landfill gas. All these biogas streams form an ideal carbon source for the AirCarbon technology.

Stephan Bocken, CEO of Paques: “We are extremely excited about the collaboration with Newlight. The AirCarbon technology complements our own developments in this field and fits very well within the vision of Paques to revitalize resources. It is the ambition of Paques to use our biotech knowledge to upcycle waste streams to high quality materials and chemicals. This is exactly what the AirCarbon technology allows us to do.”
Mark Herrema, CEO of Newlight, adds to this: “With over 1,800 installations throughout the world, from the Netherlands to China to Brazil, Paques is a world leader in industrial biotechnology. As such, we believe that the collaboration between Paques and Newlight has the potential to create a significant impact.  We share Paques’ vision to revitalize the world’s resources, and look forward to working together to deploy Newlight’s greenhouse gas conversion technology to do that.”