Gas in transition

Gas in transition

Gas in transition. This acceleration trajectory combines innovations and knowledge across the full breadth of the gas cluster in a coordinated gas programme, in close cooperation with the gas sector and in line with the gas decree. The innovation trajectory is elaborated in the following programme sections: ‘Biobased energy’ and ‘LNG in transport.’

Transition fuel

As a gas region, the north is responsible for showing how a fundamental conversion to sustainable energy can be made on the basis of gas as transition fuel. The developments in national gas supply naturally play a role in this: on one hand because of the finiteness of our supplies; on the other in view of decreasing production in order to guarantee safety in the gas region. Innovations are necessary to put the system function of gas into play in the near future, with regard to extraction and use of natural gas and to support the production of green gas/biogas and LNG.

Economy and ecology

These innovations are in the field of technological development, economy and ecology, revenue models, production, transport and distribution, commerce, regulation, and social support. Progress is being made in all these subjects due to a solid basis of knowledge, expertise, and investments that have already been made.