Energy System 2.0.

Energy System 2.0.

This acceleration trajectory focuses on the energy system of the future, in which new ways of production/generation, transport/distribution, storage, and delivery have a place. The trajectory is made up of the programme sections ‘Power-to-gas,’ ‘Energy storage,’ and ‘Smart grids.’

Energy System 2.0

The future energy system requires new and innovative technology and protocols for production/generation, transport/distribution, storage, and delivery. Investments are necessary to set up flexibel energy networks and systems and to equip them with balancing capacity. Information and automation technology must be developed to support energy consumption and to manage the energy system effectively and efficiently.

More and more common ground

Sectors such as agriculture and chemistry have more and more interfaces with the energy system, creating a need for system integration and shared innovation with these sectors. In addition to the local infrastructure, there must also be attention for high-voltage networks and high-pressure gas systems in order to facilitate energy exchange over large distances between countries.

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