The Energy Valley Region

The provinces of Drenthe, Friesland, Groningen, and northern North Holland together make up the Energy Valley region and have a considerable concentration of the Dutch energy production, commercial activity, and knowledge. The region is the national energy supplier with large-scale and decentralised generation and storage, in a favourable location with energy ports on the North Sea and in the centre of the Northern European gas and power network.

Energy Valley Region Energy Valley Region

The Energy Valley region, therefore, plays a key role as the ‘energy roundabout’ for a stable Dutch and European energy supply. To realise this, companies, knowledge institutions, and governments work together on a broad programme with investments in new infrastructure, knowledge centres, and innovative energy systems. It is an important motor for the economy and employment in the region and outside it.

Energy Valley region in figures

Extracting and storing nearly all of the Dutch gas, northern Netherlands is the largest gas producer in the European Union. Add to this a quarter of the nationally produced capacity from big electricity plants in the region. As a result more than half of the nationally added value of the energy sector comes from this region. This is a solid basis for expanding green energy. The Northern Netherlands Energy Monitor is drawn up annually to measure the development of the energy sector. The most recent edition (2013 figures) shows, among other things, that the region:

produces 22% of the country’s sustainable energy;

sustainably generates 9% of the energy it consumes itself (national 4.5%)

produces 38% of the Dutch sustainable energy from wind

produces 29% of the biogas and 37.5% of the green gas in the Netherlands

has 4,550 companies and 31,300 direct full-time jobs in the energy sector

is investing €12 billion in sustainable energy and savings (between 2010 and 2020)

Projecten in de Energy Valley regio