About Energy Valley

Energy Valley is a joint effort by the market, knowledge sector, and the government to work on clean and innovative energy in Drenthe, Friesland, Groningen, and northern North Holland.

Since 2003, the Energy Valley Foundation has stimulated several parties to combine forces and expand commercial activity and knowledge in the energy field and create jobs in the northern region. The foundation acts as a cluster organisation to connect parties, share knowledge, accelerate projects, and encourage investments in new energy.


The regional energy focus is set down in SWITCH, the Northern Energy Agenda, accelerating the implementation of the national Energy Agreement. SWITCH's goal is that in 2020, this region will generate 21% of the regional energy consumption in a sustainable manner, while creating 3600 new, green jobs. This can be realised by making sure companies, knowledge institutions, governments, and NGOs use a joint approach on the following acceleration trajectories:

    Energy Savings & Decentralised Generation

    Gas in Transition

    Energy System 2.0

    Offshore Energy

    Human Capital, SME & Support

The implementation of SWITCH is led by the four northern provinces and six municipalities, under the aegis of the Northern Netherlands Administrative Consultation Committee (Bestuurlijk Overleg Noord-Nederland (BONN)). Based on the 2015 Action Plan, the foundation plays a connecting role in order to involve (market) parties and accelerate innovations in the area of Gas in Transition, Energy System 2.0, Offshore Energy and Human Capital, SME & Support. The foundation has no direct role in Energy Savings & Decentralised Generation. This role is reserved for the provinces and municipalities

Project stimulation

The Energy Valley Foundation stimulates energy projects in order to bring new knowledge and commercial activity into practice. The foundation does not make investments, but does have a team of professional experts available to assist initiators with:

  •  Vision creation & Concept development
  • Coalition formation & Partner search
  • Strategic & Policy advice
  • Technical & Financial advice
  • Protection of Interests & Promotion

Positioning and Cluster formation

The North is actively positioned as a powerful energy region in order to attract new activities through shared vision creation, (European) collaboration, making projects visible, and organising knowledge sessions.

National & international collaboration

The cluster organisation collaborates intensively with many parties and agencies, including the strategic partners, the Energy Valley Platform, and numerous other (project) partners and cluster organisations. In doing so they also connect with international partners round the North Sea to share knowledge and develop collaborative projects.


The Energy Valley Foundation is financed on a project basis by a large group of strategic partners from the business community, knowledge institutions, and the government. The current project runs up to and including 2015.